24/7 International Trip Support


Flight departments are faced with managing the complexity of International Trip Planning and the multitude of tasks ahead of an international flight: flight planning, fuel services/release, overflight permits, hotel bookings are only a few of the considerations of an international trip.

Managing the different tasks can be a headache, and leaving out one aspect can impact the efficiency of the flight department, the availability of the aircraft and ultimately the cost of operations.

We have streamlined all the different aspects involved with international trip planning, giving you one point of contact, making it easier to manage, plan and communicate. Our service is professional, yet personalized.

Affordability and Saving


For a long time operators have taken advantage of emerging markets.

We believe that we bring a fresh approach to our clients by offering direct  billing.

There is no up-charge on third party vendors.

Our transparent billing gives our clients the advantage of saving, and ensures easier accounting for all the expenses associated with a trip.


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Fly with Ease

Cruise to your destination knowing that our service has you covered from take off to landing and beyond. We handle flight plans, runway analysis,  fueling, security and intelligence briefings, customs, and more. Contact us to learn how we can better suit all of your international flight needs.

Taking Care of your Crew

We take care of your crew with a single point of contact 24/7, 365 days a year. Our services do not stop once the planning is complete, Our support continues from the first contact, originating a flight, until the final detail has been successfully accomplished at the destination. We take care of your crew so that they can take care of you!

Worldwide Trip Support Services

MyJetOps provides trip support services worldwide with a special emphasis on the challenging African and Middle Eastern markets.  MJO continuously monitors the ever changing regulatory landscape governing business aircraft operations throughout these regions.  Our operations staff have over 20 years experience in these markets.