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What makes MyJetOps stand apart?

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Pre-Trip Support

International Flight planning
Fuel quotes/release and delivery
Overflight & Landing Permits
Block permits
Weather Outlooks
Customs & Immigration
APIS & TSA Waivers
Border Overflight Exemptions
Aircraft Parking
Ground Handling Arrangements
Passenger and Crew Transport
Hotel Arrangements
Landing and Departing Slot Arrangements

In-flight Support

Access flight briefs, weather, airport information and trip related documents on your iPad through the ARINC application
Datalink Communications
Security Alerts
TSA notification of Arrival


We are constantly negotiating better fuel rates and secure fuel releases from reputable vendors. These rates are passed directly to the client with no up-charge.

Flight Planning

We create and file unlimited flight plans (with an ARINC gold subscription) as well as review your flight plan with an FAA licensed dispatcher. Additionally, we manage your airway slot, NOTAMs and PIREPS and maintain an up-to-date trip itinerary. You’ll also receive route of flight maps, a security, medical, and intelligence briefing, and real-time flight following and advisories.

Overflight and Landing Permits

No need to sweat the small stuff. We handle all your permits for you.

  • Overflight Permit Arrangements
  • Landing Permit Arrangements
  • Airport Slot Arrangements
  • Permit and Slot Updates
  • Block Permits


We have two pricing options:  A standard monthly price for those departments who do a lot of international flying, or, for those who do less flying we have a standard per flight pricing.  Please contact us for our pricing and to discuss which option would suit your operation best.  We also pride ourselves on ZERO % upcharge on any third party invoices!  We continuously negotiate for better fuel prices and secure fuel releases from dependable vendors and all those savings are transferred to our clients.

Transportation and Accomodations

When you’re abroad, navigating the ground transportation and accommodations can be difficult. Our team is here to help both you and your crew with:

  • Rental Car and/or Limousine Arrangements
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Arranging Prepaid Transportation
  • and more!

Ground Communications

Need to make a call, send a fax or otherwise send a message? We’ve got you covered with:

  • all Fax/Telex Communications
  • all AFTN and ARINC/SITA Messages
  • all Telephone Calls and Emails on Customer’s Behalf

Africa and Middle East Territory

In emerging aircraft markets, there are always vendors looking to take advantage of travelers. MyJetOps protects you and your budget in the air and on the ground as your own concierge service for the African and Middle East markets.

For pricing and inquiries, please contact us!

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